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The S. Family (Idaho Falls Family Photographer)

This little boy was over playing one day and Sadie asked him to be her prince. He was not having that at all. It was hilarious! She wanted him to dance and marry her too. It is funny because this is the only person (besides Daddy) that she has ever asked. Sadie and him are going to be having joy school together starting in Sept, so it will be fun to hear Sadie's next pick-up line! Watch out Jake!

I think Natalie and I were born to be friends. We have so much in common, and I think she is really cool too, so that is reassuring because if the whole Sadie and Jake thing work out we may be seeing a lot of each other. LOL! I hope you are all enjoying my late night commentary!


Snedakers said...

Ah, you are so nice, and I really was enjoying the commentary ha ha!

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