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The Posterity of Sue

The font on my blog doesn’t have apostrophes so it took me awhile to figure out how to word the title so we didn’t have an apostrophe. Just call me lazy because I don’t want to change my font :)

Towne (1)_1

I spent a great night with the Towne/Dicus family up in Rigby. I am related to the pretty blond girls (and their Dad) and was happy to have an excuse to see them while they were in town.

Towne (5)

Towne (2)

Towne (3)

Towne (12)

Towne (8)

Towne (9)

We took a picture by the garden at their new beautiful home. It is HUGE (we were debating whether it would be still considered a garden or if it was bordering on being a farm). Mr. Dicus sent me how with a car full of produce. We are still enjoying it! Thanks again!

Towne (10)


Erica Lyn said...

Oh my goodness, that property is beautiful, I love it! Nice work, Kel :)

Katie said...

Wow. What beautiful pictures of a a beautiful family. I love that its a family tree infront of a tree. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

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Towne Family said...

Dang, Kelly. Once again, an awesome job! Loved, loved, loved them!

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