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Apple’s of my Eye

A little corny huh?!? I should be working on other stuff right now, but I have some picture frames that are screaming for some updated photos of my girls, so I just had to get a few done. When I got back from taking these pictures I just felt such an overwhelming feeling of love for my little family. The girls were having so much fun interacting and making each other laugh on the drive home, and Brian just puts up with me and my crazy “fun” outing ideas:) Can’t wait to post more from this shoot, but I must get down to business.
A rarity on my blog... a smile from Sadie (thanks to Brian jumping all around the orchard...wish I had a picture of that).
I got Emmy’s bow done just seconds before getting to the orchard. I just can’t stop myself from making these. I love how cute they look in them! 


Megan said...

This totally reminds me of that Target commercial. You should photoshop a deer in the background! You find great locations for pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Where were those taken??? You have the BEST locations!

Kelly said...

Thanks guys!

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