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My Two Year Old

  Sadie (9)
She is pretty much the entire reason I got into photography! Thanks for being my model Sadie...even if you made me work my butt off to get these pictures.
Sadie (4)
 Sadie (10)
Sadie (5)
Sadie (15)
Sadie (14)
Of course I had to get a couple of little Emmy. We just got her “baby legs” in the mail that day and I was so excited to put them to use. I wish I would have bought a pair long time ago. I love how cute she looks in them!
Sadie (1)


Heather said...

Those are adorable!

Erica Lyn said...

I looooove your girls :) Sadie is so pretty, even when she's making silly faces. So cute!

Katie said...

Simply inspirational :) I downloaded some more actions today aspiring to take beautiful pictures of beautiful babies someday!

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