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Cate & Lia

I don’t think I have ever told their Mom this, but back in the day before we had kids of our own, my husband and I would sit in church and debate over who had the cutest kids (I swear we paid attention sometimes too). And I chose little Cate (Lia wasn’t born yet, but she would have been up there on my list too)! These girls are so full of energy and we had a fabulous time eating marshmallows and hanging out!

Greenhalgh (13)_3

Greenhalgh (29) copy

Greenhalgh (4)

Greenhalgh (46) copy

Greenhalgh (25)_3

Greenhalgh 3

Greenhalgh (14) copy 2

Greenhalgh (9)

More of these sweet girls... Lia & Cate


Erica Lyn said...

Such CUTE girls :) And way cool stairs! Good job, Kel!

MadMadameMim said...

oh my they look so cute and so grown up. I can't believe how blonde and tan Cate looks. They are so cute!!!

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