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The C. Family (Idaho Falls Family Photographer)

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This lovely lady and I go way back. When I first moved to Idaho Falls I was searching high and low for a job and for some reason I was really set on working at a bank, but I was having no luck in getting hired. So I went into Great Harvest for a slice of bread and on a whim gave them my resume. In my interview with Kim I told her I wanted to make a certain amount per hour (little did they know that it was the same amount the banks were paying). They went for it, which made me content to give up my dream of working at a bank (totally kidding) and in the long run I am SO SUPER glad I got to work at Great Harvest with a ton of cool people and wonderful perks. My husband and I practically lived off of Great Harvest bread while we were poor college students living in the ghetto. And now I am addicted and I have both of my girls addicted too. We go in at least once a week and get some bread and treats. Thanks for hiring me so long ago Kim! It’s been fun to keep up.I know you probably can’t even tell, but she is expecting #2.
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_DSC4717 copy
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_DSC4979 copy_1_DSC4820 copy_1 
_DSC4912 copy
Mya is about as busy as my two year old...solution = put them on a chair.
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_DSC4989 copy
_DSC4774 copy_2


Katie said...

Love the hand holding shot. Cute!

natalie said...

I always love your pictures. I find it hard to come up with a variety of shots when there is one kid. You did a great job!

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