Thanks for stopping by to see my latest work. Enjoy!

The M. Family (Idaho Falls Family Photographer)

I got to spend a fun evening with my cool neighbors! Our little girls are the same age and I have never set up a play date! Isn’t that terrible? I need to remedy it soon! This little guy was so obedient and just super sweet to everyone, especially his little sister who wasn’t feeling good.
One of these pictures is going to end up in the phonebook to advertise his chiropractic business. I think I can considered myself published huh?! And isn’t that just every photographers dream ;) well maybe just mine secretly!


Katie said...

Hey...I recognize those shoes!! Congrats on future publisation :)

Sharee said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love this family, they are wonderful. Great job on the photo shoot Kell!

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