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Meet Hartleigh {Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer}

This little girl had the thickest hair for a newborn. I was a bit jealous because she has about ten times more hair than my nine month old...tis life! She also has the cutest birthmark I think I have ever seen. It kinda looked like a little chocolate smear on her elbow...or maybe I was just hungry;)
 _DSC1196 copy
 _DSC1200 0copy
 _DSC4103 copy 2
 _DSC1217 copy
 _DSC4114 copy
_DSC1191 copy_1
 _DSC1262 copy 2
Her parents were fun to get to know and I can’t forget her adoring aunt that came along to help too.
 _DSC1264 copy


Katie said...

Ooh! I love the ones with the cream background. Her eyes are soo pretty...and the blue flower is lovely :)

Belnap Family said...

Love her hair!

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