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The Graduate!

Well not exactly graduated just yet, but so very close! Melanie was so much fun to hang out with and we bonded as we ran through the wind and the rain and drove all over town! So, the way I'd describe Melanie is pretty much the girl in high school that everyone wants to be... student body president, track star, gorgeous and nice to everyone. And she has really good taste in colleges too (she is going to my alma mater :)  The world better watch out for this girl!
These skater guys came along with this awesome yellow long board and they were nice enough to let us use it for a few shots. I need to add it to the long list of photo props I want, not to mention how fun it would be to ride along the greenbelt!


Katie said...

Wow, she looks so sophisticated in those last 2 shots. I really liek the track paw print one too. Way to "tell her story".

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