Thanks for stopping by to see my latest work. Enjoy!

The B. Family (Idaho Falls Family Photographer)

I love when my clients find new spots and this one was a breathe of fresh air. The stars on the barn were so great and I love all of the "props" we had to work with. Not to mention I found the coolest window pane inside of the barn that I am now the proud/excited owner of :) I loved working with this family and I have some awesome pictures coming soon of a very cool company they are associated with. Can't wait to share!
This picture was screaming for a little Christmas cheer...so I took the liberty of adding some :)
 I love their shoes. They totally coordinated with the crate I brought :)
 So this one is kind of a funny story. I was having a hard time getting the boys to hug so I told the older brother to "pop" his younger brother. I love how excited he was about it! 


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