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The “J” Family

This family has got the smiling without teeth thing down... which is funny since their Dad is a dentist. Just sayin’  I need lessons because I always feel (and probably look) like such a dork when I try to smile without my teeth. My awesome friend Krishele came along as my assistant and I am forever grateful that she introduced me to the necessity of a reflector. I never knew what I was missing out on! 

 JFamily (11)

 JFamily (18)

I am not even sure what to say about these guys other than I couldn’t stop laughing at them and they quirky personalities! There is just something about brothers when they get together. Pure mischievousness!

 JFamily (17)

Aww, what sweet sisters!

JFamily (25)

JFamily (24)

 JFamily (19)

We started to run out of daylight when we got to this location, but they still turned out. What a fabulous idea they had to get a fall leaf temple family picture.

JFamily (22)

JFamily (21)

JFamily (23)

Don’t they look like a fun family?!? Well I’ll tell you something... THEY ARE!

 JFamily (15)


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